Conference Center and Restaurant for FORTH
Second Project, 1993

    The complex contains a major lecture hall for 350 people, a number of seminar/meeting rooms, a restaurant, coffee shop and open-air cinema. This new facility is in response to the dynamic growth of FORTH over the years and its significant role as a research institution both in Greece and world-wide. The various facilities are contained within two buildings placed alongside an open court (or platia) which affords panoramic views of the mountain range. The court will be the main social space of the complex, especially in the evenings, Alongside this space, a major ramp connects all levels of the building with the lecture hall and the rooftop cinema. The restaurant and bar are situated in the second building and are provided with terraces on both levels. The formal configuration and the architecture of the central court refer to cyclic paradigms and, at the same time, evoke the memory of early Modernist architecture and painting (e.g. Corbu, Ozenfant, Nicholson).
     The complex was designed in association with the Technical Office of the Ministry of Industrial Research and Technology and the technical staff of FORTH.)

Collaborators : William Lo, Fernando Olba Rallo
Models: William Lo
Below : Axonometrics, upper floor plan, ground floor plan