'Eloise' Glasnost Tower
Milan, 1989

     This was a temporary structure designed for Mondatori Publishing Company to commemorate President Gorbachev's visit to Milan on the 12th of January 1989, a pavilion set up on the Cathedral Square to sell books dealing with Russia's political, economic and cultural life.
     The structure celebrated the work of the Russian Constructivists of the 1920's, principally Tatlin and the Vesnin brothers. It formed a tower rising 12m above a 9m x 9m x 3m base. The Three aluminium panels contained within the tower rotated with the wind, reflecting constantly changing images from the surrounding context, including the cathedral.

Architects: Panos Koulermos, Gaetano Lisciandra
Collaborator: Paola Rendini
Graphic design: Gigi Romeo