Forth Research Offices
Heraklion, 1991

     This building contains facilities for theoretical, non-wet lab research and offices for the Technology Park that is located on the same campus.
     Working spaces are diversified both in plan and form in order to create a more lively environment than is typically found in commercial office buildings. Spatially, the unit relates to the main building of the campus and forms, together with the micro-electronics unit. the gateway of the east-west expansion of the institute. Access to the building is expressed in three dimensions, in the form of a ramp/ colonnade that runs through the administration towers, linking them with the Research Offices. This movement between the buildings continues Le Corbusier's rationale for the Carpenter Centre in a freer yet geometric organisational form. As at the Acropolis, Delphi, Lindos and the Greek Island settlements, the expression of movement becomes a significant element of the architectural and urban organisation.
     The project was designed in association with the Technical Office of the Ministry of Industry. Research and Technology and the technical staff of FORTH.

Presentation Drawings : John Cheng (John-Tong)
Wood model : Don Dimster
Below : Axonometric, main floor plan