A House in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, 1998

    Context: A very typical southern California Los Angeleno area with standard 150' x 150' lots visually extremely uninteresting except for the natural features such as the topology and landscape.
: The house is conceived as three "pavilla" sequentially organized alternating with patio areas and garden.
     They attempt to establish a relationship to the street, site and above all to the soft hills of the area that run parallel to the axis of the house. The independence and formal expression of these pavilia offers the opportunity to all the members of the family to identify with their territory; they also generate both a sense of privacy and community as found in an urban environment. Formally, the is a further development of the residential tradition in Los Angeles, in terms of its scale and relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces-additional references are made to other American house typologies in terms of the spatial syntax of the volumes (sequential linear order).
     Materials: Precast concrete blocks, concrete and wood are the major materials of the house evoking the memory of the southern California residential history. The roofs are of glue laminated beams covered in aluminum sheathing.

Design collaborator : Chiuman Wong
Model and Photography: Chiuman Wong
Below : first and second floor plan; Model: View from the west; Sketches