projects   |   12 Houses in The Hellenic World
    The design of these houses, located in different areas of the Hellenic world, represents an extensive investigation of the ways in which a contemporary house could establish a relationship with a place (topos) and its history without resorting to superficial stylistic imitations or to pseudo-cultural references.
    Koulermos' travels to the Greek Islands, impressed upon him the way the numerous older buildings -the small chapels, houses and monasteries - establish a physical bond with the space surrounding them and with the greater natural and human environment. In each case, 'style' has nothing to do with these relationships. To understand better what makes these buildings significant, he began a systematic research into the design of the non-urban house. Primary interest lay in developing concepts that drew their inspiration from a range of sources, from urban to architectural typologies, from myths to poetry. The houses emerged as buildings specific to an idea rather than a function, all of them part of the land loved and respected by Koulermos.
    Four of the twelve houses were professional commissions. The locations of the remaining eight were chosen because of their historic background and diversity, and because of the architect's familiarity with them for each house, was selected a collaborating architect who worked on all stages of the design. Most were ex-students, some were employed in Koulermos' office.
    It is unlikely that one would have the opportunity as a professional to design twelve houses in this highly selective manner. But as an architect and teacher Koulermos considers this work a duty and a debt to a country that has inspired him and so many other generations of architects.