Ca' Venier Dei Leoni, Venice
Design Research Project, 1983

     This project for the Venice home of the Guggenheim Collection was designed in 1983 and exhibited at the 1985 Venice Biennale.
     Three themes were investigated, all of which retained the existing wall and integrated it into new architectural and spatial concepts:
    - an elevated square based on the typology of a courtyard containing diverse towers
    - a building as a water fountain with towers rising above
    - a city or villa in a garden, with the wall 'liberated' and given a new spatial role.
     The last concept was further developed by organising the towers within the compound in a manner that referred to the structure and image of the city.
     The materials used were reconstructed Istria stone for the facing. and glass block for the 'light lanterns'. The verticality of the lanterns was influenced by the lofty chimneys of Venice. Above all. this project was inspired by Carpaccio's paintings.

Collaborator : Alek Zarifian, Bahram Badiyi
Model: AIek Zarifian
Photo : Tony Nagelmann
Below : Model view, site section, longitudinal section, site plan