Nursery School, Los Angeles
Design Research Project, 1987-88

     Nursery schools are often based on schools for older children or even adults, an approach that seems to us both inappropriate and insensitive. For this reason, our proposal puts forward an alternative idea that tries to address the behavioural needs of young children. The overall concept is predicated on the idea of a mini-city within a perimeter perforated wall-an elemental spatial concept that establishes an easily identifiable, safe 'territory' for the children.
     The buildings within are analogous but diversified: an assembly of towers and a long building. Movement between the different levels is facilitated by ramps, and the second level of the towers is connected by bridges to the perimeter wall allowing the children to view the 'outside world' from a privileged position.
     The roofs of the three towers address the natural elements: wind, sky and sun. The wind tower has a metal cube case containing two vertically pivoted circular planes which intersect at 90 degrees and rotate with the wind like a giant mobile. The metal roof of the second cylinder opens like the wings of a bird to give views of the sky and let the sun in. The third has a glass roof through which the children can see a sundial showing the movement of the sun and the passage of time.

Collaborator: Douglas Sung.
Model: Douglas Sung, John Cheng (John-Tong)
Photo: Tony Naglemann
Computer drawing: Marcella Aquilar
Below : Cross section, longitudinal section, first floor plan