West Hollywood City Hall
Competition Project, 1987

     This competition project is based on the idea that a City Hall should aspire to generate a sense of place, create a pleasant working environment, end become a symbol for the region. The centre is set along the north-south axis of the site, perpendicular to the strong form of the Hollywood Hills, it provides plazas at different levels, gardens, recreation areas, steps and ramps with shops and studios below.
     The offices of the City Hall are contained within a rotunda building that rises above an elevated plaza. The Council Chamber is expressed as a cube over the atrium of the rotunda. On the roof is a open-air amphitheatre for Council and community meetings. These places, spaces and forms, with their cross-cultural references - American, European, Mexican and Central American -are intended to create a diverse and pleasant experience; to act as a catalyst in an area in great need of such public interventions. The building is conceived in reinforced concrete throughout. The rotunda walls are a combination of marble panels and glass, while the plazas and podium walls are clad primarily in stone and marble.

Collaborator: Maria Warner.
Model: AIek Zarifian.
Photo: Tony Naglemann
Below : Model view, axonometric, main floor plan, longitudinal section